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Publishing Major Feature Updates

Apr 20 at 03:00pm EDT  –  Apr 20 at 03:30pm EDT
Affected services

Apr 20 at 03:00pm EDT

We are deploying a number of feature updates and improvements today. These include:

  • Bulk Edit Order Enhancements
  • Fixed labels to correctly reflect dimensions and currency for Products
  • Fixed location update save issue where counts were not updated
  • Added quick Return Order feature
  • Improved integrations with EasyPost and Webshipper
  • Added Bulk Print Tote Barcodes
  • Added filter options for Order Holds on Search
  • Improved bulk edit Products
  • Improved speed on Pack Orders station UI
  • Added custom invoice URL option
  • Added option to print packing slip on Pack Orders station UI
  • Added shipped order history with quick label reprint on Pack Order station UI
  • Added live chat support widget for Web and Mobile
  • Fixed time issue with Picker Report date option
  • Added sort Orders by Tag
  • Improved quick Product Add
  • Updates to login screen to match updated Packiyo logo
  • Added Picking Batch Report
  • Improved visible field options for 3PL client dashboard
  • Improved void Shipping Label feature on Orders UI
  • Added Product customs description for international shipments
  • Added setting to show/hide price on packing slip
  • Improved print monitor speed
  • Fixed issue that prevented removal of default printer